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What intervention measures should be adopted for horizontal jacks in the manufacturing stage?

2021-09-17 03:39:30

Because of the limitation of the application of electric single beam crane on the spot, it is not convenient for inspection or detection staff or can not check part of the new project, leaving hidden dangers for the safety of machinery and equipment. In order to prevent the occurrence of this kind of safety hidden danger should be carried out from all aspects of intervention, in the production of manufacturing (design scheme. The intervention measures should be taken in the stage of manufacturing and installation as follows:

1. The design scheme of welding should be avoided as far as possible in the formulation of metal components of lifting equipment to reduce stress. For example, to improve the processing technology, using thick steel plate processing for u-shaped groove.

2. Lift the anti-falling equipment of the electric hoist (anti-off-shaft protection equipment), and prevent the trolley falling equipment of the tower crane near the front card jack. The lifting mechanism of the electric hoist is designed to prevent falling hook, so as to avoid falling safety accidents caused by the breakage of the lifting mechanism shaft tenon or the gap between the wheels and the steel is too large.

3. Improve the total fixed immobility of the bus at the top of the reed drum, improve the fixed immobility stability and information redundancy.

4. Effectively measure the hardness and bending stiffness of load-bearing beam and section steel, rack jack to moderately improve its safety performance.

5. National industry standards, policies and regulations require non-destructive testing technology for welding, and it should be strictly required to carry out non-destructive testing technology. Electric hoist is made by lift motor. Transmission mechanism reducer and drum, etc., the lifting and electromechanical transmission mechanism reducer is assembled on both sides of the drum. At this stage, there are two ways of disassembly in China, mechanical jacks are being installed. Adjustment is troublesome and time-consuming. Time-consuming, maintenance staff labor efficiency is relatively large, the safety factor is not high.

In order to get rid of the shortcomings of the original technical level, the product has developed an electric hoist lifting equipment to quickly disassemble auxiliary trolley. The equipment uses roller and hand - operated crane, giving a kind of effort - saving. Time saving. Safe and convenient way to disassemble.

What intervention measures should be adopted for horizontal jacks in the manufacturing stage?


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