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What are the countermeasures adopted by electric hydraulic jack plant in the application stage?

2021-09-17 03:38:14

Application department should strictly comply with the relevant requirements, implement the contents of crane daily inspection, monthly inspection and all-round testing, implement the behavior of relevant staff subject responsibility system, do a good job of daily inspection records, common fault records, maintenance records and other application records.

The use of electric single-beam crane site set convenient channels and determine the maintenance service platform, convenient daily maintenance and inspection of the relevant staff, convenient detection of the detection of the staff.

Improve the management of relevant personnel, improve the application and inspection level of relevant staff, improve the management level of special equipment safety, improve safety and responsibility consciousness.

Cooperate with special equipment safety inspection institutions to do the preparatory work before the detection of electric single beam crane, and do the cleaning and cleaning of the crane in advance, so as to facilitate the detection and inspection of the crane.

Encourage the application of enterprises to choose the installation, maintenance, renewal and transformation of the lifting machinery enterprise certificate of maintenance, tensioning jack can not only make the equipment maintenance work more technical professional and purposefully, and find and deal with the most important technical problems and shortcomings of strong professional ability. Such as the selection of several continuous oil pressure jack chain box hoisting medium and large structures, several continuous oil pressure jack harmony, the use of electronic computer control system. In recent decades, the hoisting and lifting staff in Our country, according to the conditions to create, improve the hoisting and lifting methods of many categories, can be summarized as the following categories: symmetrical lifting method, mobile method, rotary method, standard air pressure lifting method, extremely high hole cable-pull hoisting method, several crane collaborative lifting method, mobile method, etc..

What are the countermeasures adopted by electric hydraulic jack plant in the application stage?


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