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How does a horizontal jack leak?

2021-09-17 03:02:15

Today, we will analyze the cause of hydraulic leakage, and try to reduce the occurrence of these situations.

1. Parts damage: seals are made of acid and alkali resistant rubber products and other materials made of screw jack manufacturers because of long-term application brittle. Cracking, damage and so on are caused by system software leakage. If the parts are damaged by impact in the operation process, the sealed components will be scratched, leading to leakage.

2. Particulate environmental pollution: as the specific implementation components of the pedal-type hydraulic transmission system of some engineering projects, the hydraulic cylinder is exposed outside and immediately touches the natural environment. Although the dustproof ring and sealing parts are equipped with the guiding sleeve, it will inevitably cause floating dust. Waste is brought into the hydraulic transmission system, which speeds up the scratch and damage of seals and hydraulic cylinders, thus causing leakage. Particulate environmental pollution is one of the elements that destroy the hydraulic system faster.

Jack manufacturers must be prepared in advance before the application of those operations? I will introduce it to you and look forward to providing assistance to you!

Hydraulic top in lifting work, to choose the appropriate tonnage of hydraulic top, bearing capacity can not overload, choose hydraulic top bearing capacity more than 1.2 times the weight force; The minimum height of the hydraulic top is suitable for, in order to better facilitate removal, the minimum height of the hydraulic top should be consistent with the static and air force at the bottom of the heavy weight, the lifting height of the hydraulic top should be more than the sum of the thickness of the sleepers and the deformation of the sleepers in the whole process of the lifting of the manual jack manufacturer.

How does a horizontal jack leak?


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