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How to introduce the hydraulic jack plant loading and unloading

2021-09-17 03:04:51

Today we will introduce to you about the loading and unloading problems of the hydraulic 1000 catty top, and look forward to providing assistance to you!

We all know that the key work depends on lifting heavy weights, vertical jack manufacturers in the loading and unloading of machinery and equipment around, must carry out loading and unloading work, according to the situation of the construction site is not the same loading and unloading way is not the same, in the whole process here often use hydraulic thousand pounds of top.

When the equipment enters a steep slope, the traction pulley block will no longer bear the force, and the slip pulley block will slowly bear the force, and the equipment will move down under its own weight. In order to ensure the movement of the hydraulic top, the sliding pulley group should be slowly and evenly relaxed, and there should be full-time personnel on both sides to place the roller, and sprinkle some sand on the steep slope aisle to prevent the roller from rolling down.

Today we will introduce you to the use of hydraulic 1000 jin top skills, looking forward to the warehouse jack manufacturers can also provide you with assistance!

The weight center of gravity should be selected moderately, and the force point of the hydraulic top should be selected effectively. The bottom edge should be paved. At the same time, the hard and soft standards of the road should be fully considered. After lifting the heavy weight on the hydraulic top, it should be immediately supported

The weight support point is firm, and the hydraulic top is strictly prohibited to be used as support. Such as tensioning jack manufacturers need to support heavy points for a long time, please use CLL locking hydraulic jack this is a big truck full of aluminum 3 oh tires occur common faults, parked at the roadside to carry out maintenance, but because the maintenance personnel did not pay attention to the uneven ground in the process of putting hydraulic jack, so suddenly overturned, Insurance will have to repair the car of a worker under the car. Supervision makes clear, after the worker discovers the car askew, escape quickly inside 3 seconds, good luck dodged a disaster. Here hailing hydraulic press tips everyone, the use of hydraulic jacks to carry out the maintenance of car tires, we must determine the road condition of the hydraulic jack is not flat, firm, to prevent the above misfortune.

How to load and unload hydraulic jacks


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