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Pneumatic BOTTLE JACK SQ1200

2023-04-17 15:49:14
Detailed introduction:

Galvanized steel wire rope electric hoist is a kind of light medium and small lifting lifting, is a processing plant. Mining. Seaport. Warehouse. Goods yard. Shops and other common lifting machinery, is to enhance labor productivity, improve the work standard of standing machinery and equipment. Galvanized steel wire rope electric hoist is widely used, and mechanical jacks are key to the following natural environment. Scenario.

1. Used in machinery factory workshop and garage workshop to install machinery and equipment, lifting heavy objects.

2. Used for material warehouse and freight yard, lifting raw materials. Stack. Stack.

3. Used for hoisting prefabricated components and cement drainpipes in construction industry and pipeline work.

4 rack jack used for careful handling of industrial production warehouse and hospital outpatient service. Shop. Food processing plant workshop lifting heavy objects.

5. Used for hoisting heavy objects in rivers and ports.

6. Used for hoisting grain crops at home.

7. Used for hanging propaganda planning of large shopping malls.

8. Used for warehouses and ports. Lifting and transporting in power plants, watchtowers and other places. The ratio difference between adjacent lifting points should not exceed 30mm. The lift difference of the overall frame shall not exceed 80mm.


Pneumatic vertical roof SQ1200


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