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Pneumatic BOTTLE JACK H2000

2023-04-17 15:48:59
Detailed introduction:

Portable control equipment of electric hoist electrical equipment: frequency conversion cable of button plate should be added with force galvanized steel wire rope; Multi-function jack operating switch power supply should be safe extra-low voltage, button function is reasonable; The button plate should be insulated shell; The button should have a practical operation identifier consistent with the position of the electric hoist.

Grounding of electric hoist electrical equipment: grounding of electrical equipment, all the normal electrical equipment is not electrified plastic shell, transformer coil and metal hose groove should have a reliable grounding connection with the metal structure. Grounding of metal structure: when the switching power supply of the power supply system is the low-voltage system software with immediate grounding of the neutral line, the grounding form of the overall metal structure of the gearbox jack should adopt TN or TT grounding system software. The ground resistance of the neutral wire for repeated grounding should be less than or equal to 10 ohms. When TT grounding system software is used, the product of grounding resistance of metal structure and leakage protection switch position current is less than or equal to 50V. Explosion-proof hoist rail grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 4 ω.


Pneumatic vertical roof H2000


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