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Agricultural machinery pump

2022-03-25 15:53:57
Detailed introduction:

Explosion-proof hand-pulled hoist in the whole process of lifting, no matter the weight is raised or lowered, pull the hand capacity transmission chain, the force should be symmetrical and moderate, do not have to be too hard, to prevent the hand transmission chain vibration or clamping ring. Operators should immediately discontinue use of their hands if they find that they exceed all normal tensile forces. Maintenance: At the end of application, fenugreek should be cleaned clean and coated with anti-rust treatment plant grease, and stored in dry areas. The maintenance and repair should be carried out by the organizer who knows more about fenugreek, so as to avoid arbitrary disassembly by those who do not understand the basic principle of the equipment characteristics.

It is strictly forbidden to use overweight application, and it is strictly prohibited to use other driving forces other than human resources for practical operation. Before application, ensure that the parts are intact, the transmission system parts and the lifting chain are well watered, and the design of the manual jack is in a high speed condition. Check whether the left and right lifting hooks are fastened before lifting. Heavy objects are strictly prohibited to be hung on the top tip.

Explosion-proof hand-pulled hoist after cleaning and maintenance, should be carried out load experiment, jack design to determine all normal work, brake reliable, can be put into use. The sliding friction surface of the brake must always be kept clean, and the brake part should be checked from time to time to avoid brake failure and self-falling.


Agricultural machinery pump



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