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Agricultural machinery pump

2022-03-25 15:54:27
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Explosion-proof hand hoist can be widely used in crude oil. Petrochemical plants. Drilling. Chemical plant. Military. Electric power engineering. Mining. Electronic devices. Railway lines and other potential fire and deflagration risk regional environment, in the operation of goods friction collision is not likely to cause mechanical equipment flame, reasonably avoid safety accidents, to ensure the safety of our assets and life. The safety factors of the application of explosion-proof hand hoist are as follows:

1. Explosion-proof hand hoist hoisting chain should be vertical suspension, there can be no wrong twist chain, double chain lower lifting hook frame can not rotate. Large tonnage jack design operator should stand in the same horizontal plane with the chain sprocket pull hand chain, the chain sprocket along the clockwise rotation, you can lift the weight; Pull the chain in the opposite direction, and you can lower it slowly. When lifting heavy objects, it is forbidden for employees to do all work or walk under them to prevent safety accidents.

2. Explosion-proof hand hoist in the whole process of lifting, no matter the weight is raised or lowered, when pulling the chain, the strength should be symmetrical and moderate, and there is no need to exert too much force to prevent the chain vibration or clamping ring. If the operator finds that the tensile strength of the hand exceeds all normal tensile strength, it should stop immediately. Maintenance: At the end of the warehouse jack design and application, fenugreek should be cleaned clean and coated with anti-rust treatment plant grease, stored in dry areas. The maintenance and repair should be carried out by the organizer who knows more about fenugreek, so as to avoid arbitrary disassembly by those who do not understand the basic principle of the equipment characteristics.


Agricultural machinery pump


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