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Lawn mower Roof (European model)

2022-03-25 16:03:32
Detailed introduction:

1. Before equipment maintenance, we must strictly apply for equipment maintenance procedures (including turning off the switching power supply and removing raw materials). Pull up a warning sign. Do a good job of safety protective equipment wearing).

2. Be sure to do a good job during maintenance. Under the data signal transmission work, do a good job of wireless intercom application.

3. It is forbidden to work during maintenance. Equipment falls from high altitude to prevent injury. Business reception.

4 maintenance staff in equipment maintenance work, mechanical jack company to have full-time personnel monitoring.

5. When fire operation is necessary, be sure to apply for fire operation procedures in accordance with the provisions.

6. Strictly implement safety operation rules and avoid illegal operation.

7 separate jack company strictly in accordance with the actual operation of electric hoist instructions.

8. It is forbidden to lift objects from above.

9. The test shall be carried out strictly according to the test requirements, and the test shall not be arbitrarily promoted to conform to and improve the height-width ratio of the test load.

10 maintenance explosion-proof electric hoist, should minimize the construction in the explosion-proof area, not to work on the spot in the explosion-proof area, should do explosion-proof countermeasures.


Lawn mower Roof (European model)



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