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The characteristics and application of hydraulic jack plant are introduced

2021-09-17 03:41:54

In recent years, in order to better save the driving force of work, improve production efficiency, the separation jack is sufficient and effective in the application of industrial equipment, the progress rate of electric hoist in the lifting and lifting machinery manufacturing industry is greatly improved.

Electric hoist is used in the machinery manufacturing industry is very general, it is all over the handicraft industry, agriculture and animal husbandry and industrial production and other fields, the key to the accumulation of institutions, shipping and other work. The key installation of electric hoist is used to improve and transport hanging objects on the rail, which can improve the production efficiency and mechanical automation level at a large level.

Electric hoist is generally installed in the driving, gantry crane above, electric hoist has the following characteristics: small volume, its total weight is relatively light, the actual operation is very simple, and the application is very convenient. The key is suitable for processing plants, seaports, warehouses, freight stations, mining and other places, mechanical jacks installed in the hanging in the air shaped steel, curve rail, arm hanging slide rail and fixed lifting, the key to the key lifting, loading and unloading handling, maintenance of machinery and equipment, goods lifting and other work, It is a kind of industrial equipment which can not be lost in basic engineering construction such as engineering construction, road, metallurgical industry and mining area. When specific application, steel plate and floor should leave a gap, the size of the gap should be slightly thicker than the bottom of the hanging pliers. Manually open the jaw of the pliers to the wide opening, clutch jack to clamp the pliers on the steel plate, with one side of the steel plate touching the inside side of the pliers as the standard. Check before lifting. The key point of the steel plate should be located at the center of the irregular shape formed by the two sets of pliers. After lifting the steel plate, the steel plate should be level. When the Angle of intersection between the steel plate and the horizontal plane exceeds 7°, the cross-clamp part should be adjusted again. Especially in the situation of paying attention to the pillars of the material, then the Angle of the steel plate and the horizontal plane can not be more than 5 read, or be sure to reinstall.

The characteristics and application of hydraulic jack plant are introduced


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