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Tyre conveyor

2022-03-25 15:51:25
Detailed introduction:

Small electric hoist is single-phase electric hoist, alias civilian electric hoist, suitable for home work voltage 220v. It has simple structure, convenient installation, small and exquisite, and uses single-phase electricity as power device, the main use is very common. The structure of small electric hoist is as follows:

Lifting and lifting motor: the motor is single phase capacitor motor of pound magnetic type, using class B insulation layer, motor design scheme has pound magnetic organization of stop namely brake system, application can be trusted.

Gear reducer: adopt two speed down equipment, transmission gear, shaft adopts heat resistant cast iron structure. Vertical jack after heat treatment heat treatment process. The motor and the reducer are integrated, and the shell is made of aluminum alloy. The structure is compact and durable, beautiful and generous.

Rope tube and support frame: the rope tube is formed by high-quality steel stamping die and welded by seamless steel tube. The tensioning jack is mounted on the output shaft, and the galvanized steel wire rope is rotated to lift the items. The support frame is made of high-quality steel stamping die and welding. As a supporting point for the overall bucket lifting machine and fixed fixed only.

Hook: single hook hook with circular eye, lifting lifting rated net weight; Using live wheel test hook, lifting weight doubled.


Tyre conveyor


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