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2023-04-17 15:51:10
Detailed introduction:

Wire rope electric hoist is a kind of simple operation. Low manufacturing cost of lifting machinery. According to different load tonnage, different I-beams can be selected for installation in the design scheme. The requirements of inspection and empty load test before test operation of wire rope electric hoist are as follows:

1. The end of the wire rope is fixed and the hook is fixed. Coils on pulleys and drums should be properly wound. By spectrum.

2. Rack jack design of each smooth point and reducer newly filled grease and lubrication grease characteristics. Models, specifications and numbers shall conform to the requirements of the machine and equipment process documentation.

3. The azimuth of the actual operation organization should be consistent with the operating azimuth of each organization of the electric hoist.

4. Running motor, its operation should be all normal, car operation, mechanical jack design can not stick rail, brake system posture should be accurate. By spectrum.

5. Check the flexible stability of the control technology of the electrical equipment and the safety device, and carry out dynamic and static load experiments before it can be delivered to use after the mutual adjustment of the machine and the lock of the wire rope lift limit switch.

6. When running, the posture frequency should not be less than 5 times, and the posture should be accurate, otherwise the next test run cannot be carried out.

7. When the hook is lowered to the lower part, the coil of the wire rope on the drum should be no less than 3 turns.



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