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2023-04-17 15:50:58
Detailed introduction:

Small electric hoist is a kind of hoisting hoist, alias civilian electric hoist or small and medium-sized electric hoist. It is especially suitable for residents of high-rise residential buildings to easily lift daily necessities that are not convenient to be transported manually from the bottom of the building, and for all kinds of places to lift and unload small items and goods. In addition to the gearbox jack design, its assembly is convenient and single-phase 220V power device, the main use is very common. Household small electric hoist notes are as follows:

1. Read the instructions carefully and explain the contents.

2. It is not necessary to overload the application, nor to be used when the net weight of the hanging object is not clear.

3. In the application of small electric hoist, it is proposed to use roller to carry out the practical operation of multi-functional jack design double rope, which can reduce the load of the wire rope and his key parts by 50%.

4. Small electric hoist work do not have to "stretch" to be lifted, otherwise it will make the small electric hoist to bear the load lifting, very easy to make small electric hoist and wire rope in overload.

5. Maintain the cleanliness of the area in the work of the small electric hoist. Clean and tidy. There is no need to let miscellaneous people wait near, there is no need to let others touch the fastening wire rope, all people are prohibited to stand under the operation of the small electric hoist.


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