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20T welded BOTTLE JACK /ST1020B

2023-04-17 15:48:05
Detailed introduction:

In the process of some engineering projects, there will be inconsistency between the response of missing reed and the command, which generally means that the Angle of electric hoist posture is different from the actual operation of the handle. For example, the actual operation of the handle is raised, and the electric hoist is reduced after receiving the command. What causes this? What are the solutions of hydraulic jack suppliers?

In this case, the first consideration is the loop problem. During the installation process, the inspection found that the control loop in the control box equipped by the manufacturer was abnormal, the engineering drawings were not rigorously installed, and the part connected by the handle control line was inconsistent with the handle mark. Because of this kind of situation, the control cabinet of all electric hoist of the project has been completed again, and the control loop has been changed.

In addition, this kind of situation, after adjusting the control loop, or the same problem, the hydraulic jack brand indicates that there is no problem with the wiring, then it may be the case of short-circuit fault of the circuit. Check from the control cabinet to the handle one by one, and find that the inside of the handle has been relatively serious rust, resulting in short-circuit fault of the loop, resulting in the disorderly position of the electric hoist.


20T welded vertical roof /ST1020B


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