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12T welded BOTTLE JACK /ST1012

2023-04-17 15:47:59
Detailed introduction:


Explosion-proof electric hoist is flameproof, its motor, electrical control box, overload limiter are all selected flameproof, according to the protection of external inflammable and explosive chemicals, and achieve the actual effect of fire prevention.

Flameproof motor: flameproof cone-rotor motor (hereinafter referred to as flameproof motor) is used for lifting and operation. It has the characteristics of causing radial magnetic pull force. The motor starts and brakes by radial magnetic pull force, torsion spring and brake wheel function.

Principles are as follows: When starting, the magnetic tension gets rid of the working pressure of the brake torsion spring, and the large tonnage jack supplier makes the rotor and the wind mechanism driving wheel connected with the rotor have a radial offset of about 1 ~ 1.5mm, (BZDY11-BZD41 type backward, BZD51-BZD62 type forward, Make the brake ring on the brake wheel and the rear bearing end cover loose, and the rotor runs, so as to achieve the running state. When the power is cut off, the magnetic tension dissipates, and the brake wheel and the rear bearing end cover are clamped under the effect of the compression spring. With the help of the friction torque caused by the brake ring, the jack supplier completes the braking in an instant.

Basic principle: The flameproof electrical control box is installed on the left side of the reducer or the relative side of the operating equipment and the motor, and the switching power supply is entered into the box according to the soft cable switching power supply introduction.


12T welded vertical roof /ST1012


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