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Clutch jack G4100S

2022-03-25 16:02:03
Detailed introduction:

Lever hoist can be used as traction belt in various engineering projects in China. Hoisting machine. Hoisting and other work. In addition to horizontal and vertical applications, but also in steep slope. Bumpy. Narrow coal lane. Rough turns can be completed in practical operation, and can be applied anywhere and without switching power supply conditions. The reliable application of the lever block shall be as follows:

1. The application can not be arbitrarily extended hand lever, because the lifting weight of the hand lever is limited, the two hand lever force also has a certain size, the transmission jack supplier to extend the hand lever will lead to the overweight application of the hand lever block, resulting in the destruction of components.

2. When using lever hoist, the lifting weight shall not exceed the allowable load, and shall be applied according to the marked lifting weight.

3. Check the wire rope frequently for damage and knots. Broken wire, broken unit, clutch jack suppliers who do not meet the safety use must be replaced.

4. Comprehensive inspection and test should be made before the application of lever hoist, and good maintenance should be maintained after application.

5. Because the design principle of lever hoist is the use of rapid fixture replacement clamping wire rope, so need to use steel wire rope and not hemp core wire rope.


Clutch jack G4100S



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